We the members of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria having firmly and solemnly resolved to associate and work in unity and harmony as one indivisible body for the purpose of encouraging, socializing and coordinating ourselves for our own wellbeing hereby make/enact and give ourselves the following regulations/Laws.


(a) This constitution shall be supreme and its provision shall be binding on all members.
(b) All activities, engagements, resolutions, decisions or undertakings carried on or taken in the name of the club shall be in accordance with the provision of this constitution.
(c) Any other law, regulations, resolutions and or rules that may be made by this club shall be inconsistent with any of the provisions of this constitution, shall be null and void to the extent of the inconsistency.
(2) CITATION, TITLE AND COMMENCEMENT: This constitution shall be cited as the constitution of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria 2022 and comes into effect on the ____________________.

(3) AMENDMENT: Any of the provision of the constitution shall be amended upon a motion for such amendment proposed by at least three financially up to date members and approved by 2/3rd majority vote of the members in a general meeting, provided that at least one month notice of the proposal is given to members before the voting is called.   SECTION 2: THE CLUB:
(1)NAME: The club established by this constitution shall be known, called and addressed as BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB hereinafter referred to as the club
2) The club shall be a non-religious, non-tribal, non-political and non-governmental organization opened to all men.
3) The registered office shall be in _________________________________
4) The club shall have its motto as __________________________________
5) Greetings of the club is_________________________________________


1. There shall be the following meetings in the club:
a. The general Meeting
b. Executive Meeting
c. Emergency Meeting
d. Committee Meeting
2. General meeting shall be held at least once every month on a day and time as the club may from time to time agree.
3. There shall be at least 7 days’ notice to members for a general meetings to be properly convened.
4. Emergency meetings shall be convened from time to time to treat only emergency matters.
5. There shall be in attendance at least 1/3 of members at a meeting to form Quorum.  

(1) The funds of the club shall be raised from:
a. Annuals dues, levies and fines.
b. Proceed from the sales of clubs application form and the constitution.
c. Rents from letting any property of the club.
d. Launching, Fundraising and Donations
e. Investing in shares or company securities of any kind.
f. Interest from bank deposits or dividends from investment.
g. Proceed from any plays, dance, games, seminars or any form of entertainment organized by the club.

a. Membership shall be opened to all men of reputable character through application and interview.
b. Any intending member shall be capable of meeting the obligations of the club.
c. He must be guaranteed by two financial up to date members.
d. Admission of new members shall be conducted by the screening/admission committee subject to ratification by the general house.
e. Admission fee and procedure shall be decided by the general house from time to time.  

i. A member loses his membership in the following ways:
a. By Death
b. By resignation
c. On expulsion
ii. A deceased member, upon being accorded his final right by the club, ceases to be a member.
iii. A member who voluntarily notifies the club in writing of his intention to resign his membership shall upon being cleared of his financial obligation to the club cease to be a member.
iv. The club shall have power to suspend or expel a member whose character or behavior is inimical to the affairs of the club, provided that in the case of expulsion, the member must have been found guilty of misconduct by the appropriate disciplinary committee and the verdict ratified by two-third majority vote of members present in a general meeting.
v. Nonpayment of annual dues/levies after the end of the every financial year (31st December and owing of other debts when they become due for payment.
vi. A person convicted of any criminal offence by a court of competent jurisdiction.

A member who loses his membership by any of the means contained in this constitution may be re-admitted to fulfilling the following:
a. A letter to the club requesting to be re-admitted into the club
b. Clearing of all his debt that shall be computed by the financial secretary up to date.
c. Payment of any fine as contained in this constitution.
d. Approval of re-admission by simple majority vote of members present at the meeting.  

I. All members shall attend a wake keep in his honor and the club shall cater for the members.
II. Public obituary announcement in a full page of National Newspaper.
III. All members shall be present at the grave yard before the late member’s body is committed to mother earth, while every members in default shall pay a fine of N 20,000.

The club shall appoint a special committee of 5 members to visit and access the level of illness and report to the club and upon their report, the general house shall decide the financial assistance to be given to him.

In the event of the death of a member’s wife, the club shall do the following:
i) All members shall attend a wake keep in her honor and the club shall cater for the members.
ii) Publish a full page obituary announcement in a national newspaper.
iii) All members shall be present in the deceased home town before she is committed to mother earth, while every member in default shall pay a fine of ______________.
iv) The club shall present an amount of _____________ to the bereaved member excluding personal contributions by the members.
v) Absenteeism shall attract a fine of ________________
(i) All members shall attend the burial in the home town of the bereaved member and shall be entertained by the bereaved members
(ii) The Club shall present an amount of ( _________________) to the bereaved member excluding personal contribution by the members.
(a) The invitation shall be at least one month before the occasion with a bottle of hot drink.
(b) He must have been a member for at least one year before the club can attend his occasion.
(c) Before any member can benefit from the above mentioned right/privileges, he shall be an up to date financial member.

(6) SECTION 7:
(a) The club shall have a yearly events, namely, family get-together, and End of Year Party.
(b) Each member shall organized by an adhoc- committee to be from time to time created by the club for that purpose.
(2) A. The official functions of the club is a function as contained in this constitution where a member will be given his entitlement as a member.
b. The host shall set a separate table with chairs for the club within the occasion environment and our banner attached to it.
c. The host shall liaise with the clubs welfare for our entertainment list.
d. Any member who fails to attend the club event other than reasons of ill-health will pay a fine of __________________
e. Any member who fails to wear a uniform (Ashebi) to an official function where necessary will pay a fine of __________________.  

(1) . The following shall constitute organs of the club
a. The General Assembly
b. The Board of Trustees
c. The Executive Council
d. The Committees

(2) The General Assembly shall be the highest decision making body of the club and shall the powers to constitute and determine the board of trustees and executive council in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.
(3) The powers of the General Assembly shall at all times be exercised through the appropriate majority votes in a general meeting of the club.

(1) . The following shall be the officers of the club.
a. President
b. Vice President
c. General Secretary
d. Assistant Secretary
e. Financial Secretary
f. Assistant Financial Secretary
g. Treasurer
h. PRO
i. Chief Welfare Officer
j. Assistant Welfare Officer  

i). He shall be the presiding officer of every club meetings, events, ceremonies or social gathering of the club.
ii) Shall summon through the secretary all meeting of the general assembly and the executive committee meetings
iii) He shall moderate all discussions and debate in the meeting and have a casting vote in the event of a tie.
iv) He shall be a category A signatory to the club’s account.
v). He shall be in conjunction with the secretary sign all adopted minutes of the club.
vi) Shall ensure prudent spending of the club money and give annual report of his stewardship at the end of every year.

(i). Shall assist the president in his duties.
(ii). Shall in the absence of the president act in his capacity
(iii). He shall perform other functions specifically assigned to him by the club Or the president.
(iv). Shall automatically assume the position of the president for the Remaining period of his tenure, where the office of the president is vacant By reason of :
a. Impeachment
b. Incapacitation
c. Death
i). Shall record the proceedings of meetings of both the general and executive meetings.
ii). Shall summon all meetings of the club in consultation with the president .
iii) Shall be in charge of the secretarial duties of the club.
iv) He shall jointly with the president sign all adopted minutes of the club’s meetings.

i). Shall assist the secretary in all his duties.
ii). Shall act in full capacity during his absence.
iii). He shall perform all other duties specifically assigned to him by the club.

i). shall be responsible for the collection of all fees, levies, and other monies accruing to the club and pay immediately to the treasurer who shall duly acknowledge.
ii). Shall be category B signatory to the club’s account, sign all vouchers which shall be countersign by the president and write to financial defaulters and issue receipt to all monies collected.
iii). shall prepare and submit annual financial report of the club and shall also prepare a comprehensive statement of account of the club covering the period of the administration for presentation to the general assembly.
iv). shall keep in constant touch with all committees of the club in matters relating to finance and perform all secretarial duties relating to finance.
v). Shall keep accurate role of all nominal members of the club for the purpose of financial recording.
vi). Shall make available to the auditor all financial books for auditing and assist them when the need arises.

i). Shall assist financial secretary in the performance of his duties.
ii). Shall perform the functions of financial secretary in his absent.
iii). Shall perform other secretary functions relating to finance as the club may assign to him.

i). Shall receive all monies handed over to him by the financial secretary and shall issue a cash receipt to the financial secretary for such payments.
ii). Shall collect and pay into the club’s account all monies collected for the club within 48 hours of such receipts, unless on weekends and public holidays, in which the money should be paid on the next working day.
iii). Shall surrender all monetary documents, bank notes, pass books, cheques e.t.c to the auditors and assist them when the need arises as may be decided by the club even if he is out of office.
i.v). Shall be a category C signature to the club’s account.  

i. Shall be the spokesperson of the club to the general public.
ii. shall be responsible for the dissemination of the club’s information to the members on the directive of the president and secretary.
iii. Shall be in possession of the club’s properties in relation to the clubs outing.
iv. Shall perform other duties as may be assigned to him by the president or the club.
(i) Shall be the head of the welfare committee.
(ii) Shall be responsible for the welfare of the club.
(iii) Shall access the status of any member in welfare matters.

(i) Shall assist the chief welfare officer in the performance of his duties.
(ii) Shall act in full capacity in the absence of the chief welfare officer.
(iv) Shall perform other duties as may be assigned to him by the president or the club.  

a. The executive shall have the power to recommend dues on any matter subject to the approval of the club.
b. The executive committee is supreme to all other committee in the club
c. The executive committee shall have power to make regulations or by-laws for the smooth running of the club provided that a simple majority of members present in a meeting shall have rectified same.
d. The executive committee may appoint one of their member or a suitable member of the club to fill and perform duties pertaining to a vacant office pending a bye election.
e. To express the view of the club upon matter of general interest.
f. Consensus shall be the aim of the executive committee but if it becomes necessary to put any question to vote, it shall be decided by a simple majority of the executive members at the meeting.

a. There shall be an Electoral Committee consisting of five members nominated by the general house at a meeting convened 3 months to the
Expiration of tenure of the Executive. The committee shall have a chairman And a secretary.
b. All contestants shall obtain a free nomination form indicating their interest to contest respective positions.
c. Voting shall be by open secret ballot.
d. After the election the electoral committee shall declare the result immediately.
e. The electoral committee shall arrange the swearing in of the newly elected executives.
f. Any contestant for the post of president must have spent 3 years with the club while other post shall be 1 year.
g. In case of a tie, the electoral committee chairman shall have a casting vote.
h. Electoral committee members have a right to vote but cannot contest in election.

a. Election of officers of the club shall be held every 2 years
b. Any officer can be re-elected or returned unopposed but an officer who has served two (2) terms consecutively in position shall not be re-elected in the same position in a succeeding election.

a. An executive officer shall be removed from office when he is found incompetent, or guilty of any misconduct or abuse of office and a motion for his removal has been sustained by 2/3 majority vote of members in a general meeting.
b. By election to fill a vacant position shall be conducted within a month.

a. An officer who wishes to resign his office will do so in writing and surrender all the properties of the club in his possession within 24 hours. b. All letters of resignation shall be submitted to the secretary and in case of the secretary’s resignation he shall submit to the president.

a. It shall be an offence for any member of the club to use abusive word on another during any club’s activities/meetings, fight or perform any form of misconduct including leaving meeting without permission from the president Except for fighting which shall be treated by the appropriate committee, any member who commits the above offences shall pay a fine. An amount shall be imposed by the president which shall not be less than N2,000 and not more than N 10,000.
b. Any member found guilty of misappropriation or embezzlement of the club’s funds shall pay back the money or property so embezzled or misappropriated, and shall be disqualified for life from holding any office of the club, the appropriate committee shall decide a further punishment for such a member. If the member is an officer of the club he shall be removed forthwith from the office.
c. Any member who fails, refuses or neglects any duty assigned to him without any good reason shall pay a fine as may be imposed, which shall not be less than N5,000 and not more than N50,000.
d. Any member who assaults any officer in the cause of the officer performing his official duties shall pay a fine of not less than N 5,000 or as may be decided by the appropriate committee.
e. Any member summoned by any organ or committee of the club shall attend the summons. If the member fails to attend the summons, the matter shall be returned to the executive which shall treat the matter accordingly and if found guilty, the member shall pay a fine as shall be decided by the executive committee provided that it shall not be less than N10,000
f. Any member who does an act that could be seen as disgraceful to the club such as taking away drinks served for his immediate consumption; e.t.c shall pay a fine not less than N 20,000 and provide the club a carton of such items.  

a. There shall be a board of trustees of the club made up of maximum of 5 members of the of the club who shall be nominated by the executive for approval by 2/3 majority of members present at the meeting.
b. A trustee member must have been a member of the club for least 3 years.
c. He must be of good character and shall have a specific means of livelihood.
d. The person must not be have been convicted of any criminal offence by a court of competent jurisdiction.

It shall be the duties and power of the trustee to:
a. Together with the executive committee acquire any immovable property for the club.
b. Manage any foundation funds, share or other securities of the club with the Executive.
c. Perform such other functions as statutorily required and as may from time to time be required by the general assembly.
d. The Board of Trustee shall take over the conduct of the affairs of the club whenever the house is in disarray to the extent that it can no longer meet and take decisions in the interest of the club, for the purpose of restoring normalcy to the club within 3 months.
e. The members of the Board of trustee shall elect their Chairman and Secretary.

A. Trustee Member’s membership is terminated;
i) Upon death of the member
ii) Upon removal by 2/3 majority vote of members present in a meeting convened for that purpose, for any of the following reasons;
a. Recommendation for removal by simple majority of the board.
b. Allegation of gross misconduct leveled against him by at least 3 members of the club.
c. Embezzlement of club’s fund or conversion of club’s property.
d. Upon insanity or bankruptcy of the member.
e. Upon criminal conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction. SECTION 13
a. The club shall, if the need arises, appoint some patrons, subject to approval of the general meeting.
b. A person to be appointed as a patron of the club shall:
i). Be a person of great influence and proven integrity
ii). The person must be above 40 years of age
iii). He must have been a friend of the club so that he would be familiar with the club’s activities.

This constitution is reviewable every 5 years through a committee to be appointed by the executive subject to the approval of the general house and the constitution shall be deemed reviewed if it has been ratified 2/3 majority vote of members of the club.  

a. The income and property of the incorporated trustee of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objective of the club as set forth in this constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by the way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the members of the club.
b. Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer, servant or member of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria in return for any service actually rendered to the club, so that no member of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB Trustee/Executive Committee shall be appointed to a salaried office of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria and no remuneration or other benefits in money’s worth shall be given to any officer of the club or to any Trustee/Member of the Executive Committee except repayment of out of pocket expenses or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let to the of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria or reasonable fee for services rendered.
c. If in the event of winding up or dissolution of BUCKINGHAM LEGEND SOCIAL CLUB of Nigeria there remains after a satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among members but shall be given or transferred to charitable organizations. Dated this___________________________
_________________ ____________________ Hon .(Dr) Kayode Amushan Pastor Tokunbo Kuti Chairman Constitution Committee Secretary

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